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This website is an attempt to give information about the IJN Submarine Service from its inception on the 13/01/1905 until its demise at the end of WWII. Since this is a monumental task which may never be completed due to the loss of many of the records and the lack of information about the fate of many submarines I beg your indulgence with my effort and any omissions or mistakes I may have made. I will update the site as and when I obtain additional information.

This site is a purely statistical compilation of data. It does not glorify, condone or justify war in any way, shape or form.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr.Bob Hackett (USA);Mr.Sander Kingsep(Estonia);Mr.Jean-Francois Masson(Canada);Mr.Andrew Obulski(Poland);Aki-San(Japan);Mr.Matthew Jones(USA) as well as the contributors to a number of fora too numerous to name

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